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Posted: Jun 14, 2012
This is the time of year when our garage becomes absolutely sweltering in the afternoons. Full sun just beats on the brown door and turns the entire door into a very effective radiator. The result is a garage that’s downright unbearable to work in mid-summer. I have even had occasions where I opened the garage door and found I was still being radiated with a blast of melting heat from the door overhead, just from the residual heat left in the door. However, once I had the Reach Barrier insulation panels installed (all but one panel for testing purposes), I could already feel a huge difference in the temperature of the garage. It was no longer sweltering, and was actually very comfortable to work in. But comfort is all subjective right? So, to really test the actual difference, I used a DeWalt infrared thermometer to test the difference in temperature. The panels with the radiant barrier garage door insulation panels on them registered a temperature just over 70 degrees. The one panel left uninsulated, registered at around 120 degrees! That’s almost a fifty degree difference, in case you weren’t already doing the math. You don’t need to be a numbers genius to recognize this simple, thin, easy to install radiant barrier garage door insulation has a dramatic and impressive end-result. The barrier insulation is so light and thin, it won’t in any way interfere with the function of your garage door and door opener. Once in place, it even has the benefit of making your garage brighter thanks to light reflecting off the panels.

Marc Lyman, Executive Editor
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