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REACH Barrier pledges to bring energy-efficiency & high-quality to homes through the Department of Energy's Builders Challenge program

Posted: Oct 08, 2012


REACH Barrier pledges to bring energy-efficiency & high-quality to homes through the Department of Energy's Builders Challenge program

The Builders Challenge encourages U.S. contractors to use successful whole-house design and construction practices that have been developed and verified by the DOE's Building America program. Qualifying homes in this voluntary initiative meet stringent energy performance and quality criteria and earn the EnergySmart Home ScaleSM label, affixed to each home's power panel. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to create a net-zero energy homeâ€"a building that, over the course of a year, produces as much energy as it uses.

The E-Scale quantifies and compares the energy efficiency of new homes, much like auto stickers compare the miles-per-gallon ratings of new vehicles. Homes earning the E-Scale label are at least 30 percent more energy efficient than typical homes built to code. Many of the qualifying homes are more than 50 percent more efficient and some are close to reaching the net-zero energy status.

Builders Challenge participants can use the E-Scale, plus other DOE resources, as a competitive advantage to distinguish their homes in the marketplace and to assist homebuyers in energy-smart decision making.

REACH Barrier believes it is possible to make any home more efficient by 20 – 30 percent or better with little or no out of pocket cost to the homeowner," continued Mr. Broom. "Achieving these efficiencies does require new products, technology, installation and financing techniques that go beyond standard industry practice, but the competitive advantage of these homes with their high quality means greater comfort, expense and faster sales for homeowners. And, we believe this kind of low cost, high-performance home improvements are the right thing for our nation, our natural environment, and our customers."

About the U.S. Department of Energy's Builders Challenge
The Builders Challenge, under DOE's Building America program, provides a flexible, turnkey solution to builders wishing to excel in energy and quality performance in their markets. DOE works with state and local governments, building industry associations, and other public/private partners to develop market-tested and cost-effective energy efficiency strategies for new and existing homes. DOE’s goal is that, by 2030, new home-buyers will have the option to buy a cost-neutral, net-zero energy home (NZEH) anywhere in the United States. Learn more at

For more information on the Builders Challenge, visit:

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