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Why REACHbarrier?

Why Reach Barrier…

That answer begins like this – We believe less energy can be used to power our homes and businesses. The reasons we should use less are many:

However, to reduce our consumption of energy we actually have to DO something. We can change our habits, such as:
But to make real gains toward reducing consumption we also need to make physical changes to our homes and businesses such as:
It is probably safe to say that given the opportunity and the financial ability to make energy efficiency improvements to our homes most of us surely would. These types of improvements not only reduce how much energy we use while saving a whole lot of money but they also improve the quality of our lives. The sad part is many improvements are very costly; such as window replacements or A/C equipment upgrades however, there are many large and small improvements that can be done at very reasonable costs – costs that can often be recovered in less than three years and some in less than one year!

We started Reach Barrier because we know without a doubt that home energy consumption can be cut by 50% and more without spending a whole lot of money. These improvements may not always be glamorous or sexy like solar energy, however they are:
Reach Barrier can help homeowners make energy efficiency improvements to their home that will not only reduce the energy consumption and save them money but will also help them make those improvements at a very low cost.

If you believe as we do join us, together we can set and REACH achievable energy saving goals. You will live more comfortably and save yourself money in the process.
REACHbarrier™ Reach Advantage™ Energy

The REACH Advantage presents an easy, affordable opportunity for homeowners to save on energy costs by reducing their energy consumption through low cost, high performance energy reducing home improvements. All improvement costs are paid with money saved through reduced energy consumption and as a result does not add expense to the homeowner.

Through experience we have found that most homeowners recognize their homes could be more energy efficient however; most homeowners will for one reason or another choose not to make those improvements. Reasons for not doing improvements vary but a few appear more often than others: procrastination, physical inability to make even simple improvements themselves and of course – COST.

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