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REACHbarrier™ Reach Advantage™ Energy Savings program


REACH Barrier™ is a premier energy efficiency technology company in North Texas delivering value, cost savings and expertise to our customers.

The REACH Advantage presents an easy, affordable opportunity for homeowners to save on energy costs by reducing their energy consumption through low cost, high performance energy reducing home improvements. All improvement costs are paid with money saved through reduced energy consumption and as a result does not add expense to the homeowner.

Through experience we have found that most homeowners recognize their homes could be more energy efficient however; most homeowners will for one reason or another choose not to make those improvements. Reasons for not doing improvements vary but a few appear more often than others: procrastination, physical inability to make even simple improvements themselves and of course – COST.

REACH Advantage™ addresses these obstacles and others by providing the solution:


Even though many improvements which can make significant reductions in home energy consumption are simple and "easy" to do, most people either won't or can't do them. REACH Advantage™ is so affordable, so common sense, so easy and so fast it is simply hard to say "no!"

Physical inability:

REACH Advantage™ helps those that can't physically do home improvements, even small ones. The elderly, physically disabled, even those of us whose talents do not include swinging a hammer, applying caulk or crawling around in 140 degree attics.


By assisting the customer to identify a payment plan whereby the monthly payments will be less than the estimated savings of the proposed improvements. The REACH Advantage™ program is so low cost it allows homeowners to make improvements that will reduce their energy consumption expense without increasing their existing household budget. Plus these improvements produce results immediately

REACH's expanding line of cutting edge, energy saving technology products led by our nationally recognized radiant barrier technology is understandable, affordable and the energy saving benefits can be realized and enjoyed immediately.

How it Works:

A certified REACH representative will conduct a brief in-home energy assessment using U.S. Dept of Energy guidelines and energy assessment tools designed by the D.O.E. for the home energy professional.

Using report data it is determined whether suggested improvements will achieve the desired amount of energy savings to offset improvement cost within 36 months.

Contact REACHBARRIER™ today, and let us put your in control of your home energy costs.

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