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About Us

The People & Experience Behind REACH Barrier . . .

REACH Barrier is recognized as a true leader in radiant barrier products as well as other home energy management and savings products and technology maintaining an excellent reputation for performance and customer service. Our home energy efficiency products have excellent track records for low installation cost and return on investment.

Offering Proven Home Energy Efficiency Products
Our radiant barrier products are the result of extensive research and development by leading manufactures within the industry. The use of radiant barrier technology has been independently proven to reduce energy usage and thereby energy costs. Our core products are all 100% made in the USA and our Sheet Radiant Barrier is 100% recyclable.

REACH Barrier Commercial Applications
Currently REACH Barrier technology has been installed in every variety of building from corporate facilities and commercial warehouses to private homes both large and small. Every installation is uniquely designed to fit with the owner's existing facility design and goals, resulting in low installation cost, high reliability, no maintenance, and short-term return on investment.

"Real-World" Experience Helps Solve YOUR Energy Problems REACH Barrier's staff of sales, engineering, and installation personnel represents a vast amount of knowledge in energy and energy saving products gained through many years of collective experience, education, and continuous product research. Our years of
experience bring a myriad of solutions to problems encountered in the real world of building energy usage and consumption. Today's rising costs of energy demand the use of effective and innovative energy saving options and strategies. To meet this challenge, REACH Barrier has selected products that are specifically designed for each customer's needs.

REACH Barrier's commitment clearly reflects a dedication to excellence as well as an individualized client-oriented approach toward each project. This coupled with rigid control standards for budget and time constraints have allowed REACH Barrier to build an enviable reputation for on-time and on-budget completion of projects.

We look forward to helping you complete your energy saving project.